School-wide Expectations

PBIS School-wide Behavior Matrix

Each day educators at Sugar Creek work hard to teach, monitor, and acknowledge children for positive behavior throughout the school. 

At the beginning of the year, each class discusses appropriate and inappropriate behaviors using a special "Above the Line" poster. Classes fill out the poster with their teacher, and then Mr. Brunner and the Student Services team visit every class to review the expectations. Examples of appropriate behaviors are listed at the top of the poster and called "Above the Line" behaviors. Next, "Below the Line" behaviors are listed in the middle of the poster. These are behaviors that do not follow our expectations and are addressed and retaught by teachers. Finally, "Bottom Line" behaviors are discussed and listed at the bottom of the poster. These are behaviors that would be addressed in the office.

To help children remember positive behavior around the school, we have developed the following School-wide Behavior Matrix of "Above the Line" behaviors. This would be a great resource to read through with your child when talking about appropriate behavior at school.

Be Kind & Respectful

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be a Problem Solver


Help teacher and others

Use kind words and actions

Control your body

Keep your hands to your side

Take care of yourself

Listen and follow directions

Be organized

Use time wisely

Do your job/homework

Make the better choice

Use ‘I’ messages

Do your job

Halls & Transitions

Voice level 0-1

Stay in your spot in line


Keep your hands to yourself

Control your body

Put your eyes forward

Stay with your class

Voice level of 0-1

Make a single file line to right

Keep hands off of the walls and objects

Put your eyes forward

Hands to yourself

Lunch Room

Use kind words and actions

Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and use their names

Stay in line

Use utensils correctly

Listen and line up

Stay seated

Quiet above and clean below

Voice level of 0-2

Take only food you will eat

Wait quietly for the signal

Make the better choice

Use ‘I’ messages

Help others

Raise your hand for help


Use kind words and actions

Welcome others to play

Make new friends

Play cooperatively

Stay on playground area

Use equipment appropriately

Voice level of 0-4

Use good sportsmanship

Return equipment

Line up when the whistle blows

Control your body and emotions

DeBug Steps: ignore, move away, talk friendly, talk firmly, tell an adult


Voice level of 0-1

Use facilities appropriately

Control your body

Remember to flush

Wash your hands

Throw trash in the trash can

Report unsafe or unclean areas to an adult


Say “thank you” to your bus driver

Voice level 0-2, use kind words

Make room for others

Put your backpack on your lap

No food

Wait for signal from driver to come to bus

Stay seated: “Bottom to bottom, back to back”

Keep your hands to yourself

Keep your belongings in your backpack

Use the Debug steps