Tier 2 Supports

At Sugar Creek we use a strong universal curriculum to teach expectations and recognize positive behaviors with acknowledgements.

However, when these supports are not sufficient, we provide other programming to meet student needs and promote success. These are our standardized Tier 2 interventions that are meant to be preventative and proactive. These Tier 2 supports include:

  • Check-In Check-Out (CICO) click here.

  • Social Academic Instructional Groups (SAIG)

  • Mentoring

CICO is the first-step when students experience behavioral difficulties in the classroom or elsewhere on school grounds. CICO is meant to be a positive experience where students are paired with a staff member and receive frequent feedback from their teachers on their performance and behavior. In this program, students work towards a realistic goal that is meant to set them up for success.

SAIGs are brief (no more than 20 minutes) instructional groups where students are re-taught Sugar Creek’s expectations via Cool Tools and role-playing. For example, if a student has some problems during recess, a recess staff member will host a SAIG where that student and others will practice proper recess behavior and talk about problem-solving strategies for common recess conflicts.

Mentoring is an intervention that can be layered on if CICO and SAIGs are not enough to help a student succeed. With mentoring, a student will be paired with an adult staff member who will take at least 15 minutes a week to meet with, play with, and listen to the student. The goal is to build a positive relationship that can support learning.

Students participate in these interventions either by (1) parent referral or (2) meeting certain data rules regarding office referrals or behaviors observed in the classroom. Parents are also notified when these interventions are applied and their involvement is essential.